Bangalore Fort

Originally a mud fort, said to have been erected by Kempe Gowda, Prabhu of Yelahanka, ancestor of magadi chiefs, in 1537. Subsequently it passed through many hands, including that of Magadi rulers, Marathas and the Wodeyars. Though it was strengthened from time to time, it largely retained it's original character. During the first year of Hyder Ali's reign, the fort was enlarged and rebuilt by stone. The form of the fort then was oval with round towers at proper intervals. There were tow gateways, one to the south called Mysore Gate and the other to the North called Delhi Gate. Within the fort, there were several temples and the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. The temples and the palace exists even today but not the fort walls. Reference : Mysore : A Gazzetter compiled for Government. - by B.L.Rice